Our Expertise





Concrete Mansory

Kim Hup Chor specialises in the production of concrete mansory units.

Many notable homes have been designed and built using this versatile product. Construction of masonry homes can be very economical, particularly when the designer uses the modular sizes of the masonry units to full advantage in an effort to minimise wastage.

Masonry serves as a type of permanent formwork for concrete. The grout fill works in conjunction with the steel reinforcing to provide structural strength.

Masonry is available in a wide range of shapes, textures and colours; and in units suited for a variety of building surfaces and elements. The range of block products is expanding as blocks with special finishes, sizes and thermal properties emerge in the market. 



Civil Engineering

Kim Hup Chor are experts in the wide discipline of Civil Engineering.

From building extensions to complex new build dwellings, our experience in this sector ensures that we have a solution to suit your project. Using both traditional construction techniques and modern methods of construction we can provide a fully integrated service to support the design team and constructor.

We have a genuine interest in good Architecture and enjoy working as part of a team to deliver special buildings.



Civil Structural Services

Kim Hup Chor is able to provide complete structural engineering services and solutions.

We are dedicated to providing professional and innovative service for our clients covering a wide variety of Civil, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Geotechnical and Environmental projects.

Our services include, but are not limited to, site visits, concept design, concept development, construction documentation and liaison with architects, builders, contractors and government authorities. These services will ensure the co-ordinated and smooth running of your project.